New Patients In Chula Vista And San Diego

The first time you visit us at Estrella Dental, we will discuss your health history, past dental experiences, and any related anxieties you may have about dental care. We make every effort to provide the highest quality care and remove any worry or anxiety you may experience when visiting the dentist.

We offer refreshing water in our lobby, and free wi-fi so you can make the most of your time while you wait to see our Chula Vista or San Diego dental team.

Nervous about the dentist? Have a child with you? We provide tours of our office to take the uncertainty out of your visit. We also offer oral sedation for patients who struggle with dental anxiety. Estrella Dental is proud to be Your Dental Implant & Cosmetic Center!

We Don’t Rush Your Care

Please reserve approximately 90 minutes of your time for your first visit with us. First, we will take a set of x-rays to provide a comprehensive view of your entire mouth, including the roots of your teeth and your jawbones.

A periodontal exam will follow to evaluate your gum health and to screen for gum recession. If your gums have no swelling or deep pockets, we will continue with a preventive cleaning.

Finally, Drs. Miguel or Jaime Estrella will determine whether you need any type of restorative dental treatment and even show you the findings of our high resolution intraoral camera!

Save Time Before You Arrive

Do you dislike spending twenty minutes filling out paperwork when all you want is to see the dentist? Our new patient forms are available online so you can fill them out in the convenience of your own home!


Start living life to the fullest with a healthy, beautiful smile! Enjoy the confidence of knowing your smile is fully restored while you enjoy speaking, eating, and laughing with your family and friends.

Our dental treatment plans are created individually for each patient who walks through our door. We understand every person is different and deserves unique treatment to reveal their best smile!

Give our San Diego or Chula Vista dental office a call to schedule your appointment today. Se habla Español.

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