Six Month Smiles

Straighten your smile in a matter of months

If you have been living with a smile that you are not happy to show, you may have considered getting braces numerous times. However, many people choose not to do this because they are concerned with having to wear their braces for a long period of time, which would also prevent them from being able to show off their pearly whites. Lucky for you, there are more options for people today than just traditional braces. One of these options is known as Six Month Smiles.

What is a Six Month Smile?

Similar to Invisalign®, Six Month Smiles is a clear braces straightening system that is used to straighten crooked teeth in a quick and effective manner. This method uses the most beneficial aspects of traditional braces and mixes them with new innovative dental technology to help your teeth become straighter and your smile more beautiful over a short period of time.


When people think of paying to have their teeth straightened, they anticipate that it is going to be an expensive endeavor. This is why you might be surprised to know that clear braces are relatively cost-effective and will, in most cases, cost less money than traditional braces would.


It’s all in the name, so you already are aware of what you can expect. Six Month Smiles work to fix crooked teeth quickly, with most treatments lasting approximately six months. Traditional braces, on the other hand, can take anywhere from one to three years.


Six Month Smiles were developed to make the appearance of teeth straightening technology far less noticeable than traditional braces. Rather than wires and metal brackets, Six Month Smiles use teeth-colored materials to help them appear less noticeable. We know how important it is that your smile looks natural and that is why we are big proponents of the Six Month Smile.


Maintaining your oral care is made much easier with Six Month Smiles because the process is sure to take much less time. This means you can resume your regular oral care routine much sooner than you would be able to if you had traditional braces instead.

Interested in Six Month Smiles?

If you want a straighter more beautiful smile but you don’t want to dedicate years to the process, we would love to help you at Estrella Dental. If you live in the San Diego area and you would like to learn more about Six Months Smiles, contact us today and learn what we can do for you.

‘‘The entire team, from the front desk to the assistants and dentist, has been so kind and professional. My fillings were quick and pain-free. I feel very at ease and love that the dentist explains everything to me in detail so I have no surprises. He even took me on a tour of the facility which was refreshing and confirmed how clean and state of the art the facility is.’’

Jennifer R. (Actual Estrella Patient)

Straighten Your Teeth

Get your best smile in just six months