Comprehensive Dental Exams

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The key to having a long-lasting healthy smile is first and foremost prevention. This, of course, begins with knowing precisely what is happening in your mouth at all times. This also means having a dentist who can inform you of precisely that. This is why we offer comprehensive dental exams in our San Diego dental office. But what exactly does a comprehensive exam include?

Digital X Rays

When you visit the office at Estrella Dental, you can be sure that we are using the highest quality equipment when it comes to your digital x rays. When we do, our team of dental experts will detect any existing decay, bone loss, cavities, cysts, and other potential issues you may be experiencing when it comes to your oral health. X Rays also allow for our team to create a trusting relationship with our patients as they display the results and explain what they mean. We want all of our patients to feel beyond comfortable.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our trained dental hygienists know how to check for all signs of oral cancer in your mouth and neck, as well as on your lips, tongue, and gums. This process is quick and painless and will leave you feeling at ease once it is complete.

Gum Disease Screening

The team of dental professionals at Estrella Dental also know how to check your gums and the bone that surrounds your teeth for all signs of gum disease. If we detect that there are issues with your gums, we can also help you to reverse the damage you have done to this important part of your teeth’s infrastructure.

Tooth Decay Examination

Lastly, the comprehensive dental exam includes an examination for tooth decay in your mouth. The surface of each of your teeth will be checked for any decay or additional issues. This includes checking previous dental work that has been done to ensure that it is still in tact.

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‘‘The entire team, from the front desk to the assistants and dentist, has been so kind and professional. My fillings were quick and pain-free. I feel very at ease and love that the dentist explains everything to me in detail so I have no surprises. He even took me on a tour of the facility which was refreshing and confirmed how clean and state of the art the facility is.’’

Jennifer R. (Actual Estrella Patient)

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