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Bringing convenience to every aspect of your dental appointment.

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Our chief concern is providing a seamless dental experience at every turn.


New Patient Forms

As part of our convenient service, we offer downloadable patient forms. You can simply fill them out at home and bring them along to your appointment.

Financial Solutions

We strive to help you overcome any barriers to your health and that includes financial obstacles. To add to the ease of your visit we accept a variety of payment methods:

Insurance Policy

Our team is experienced in assisting patients with insurance claims. We can help answer any questions you have and ensure you get the most out of your benefits.

$59 New Patient Special

Save money on a comprehensive dental exam at Estrella Dental.

This amazing new patient offer includes:

  • Dental examination
  • Digital X-rays (if required)
  • Teeth cleaning (in the absence of gum disease)
  • Consultation with the dentist

In addition to this offer, we are providing FREE new patient consultations for those looking for a second opinion or who have dental-related questions.

Chula Vista New Patient Information includes a special offer of $99 new patient exam

Free Teeth Whitening with Implant or Orthodontic Consultation

Free Consultations On All Services!

Chula Vista New Patient Information includes a special offer of $99 new patient exam

‘‘I have been going to this dentist for about 5 years, I have always been satisfied with the service and level of professionalism from the dentists. They are informative, friendly and honest. I have had many visits for cleanings and they do not constantly try and recommend work that is not needed.’’

Larry R. (Actual Estrella Patient)

Your Estrella Dental Experience

Here is a sneak preview of what to expect from your visit.

Dr. Estrella explaining Chula Vista New Patient Information to a female patient

During your visit, we treat you like family, show you we sincerely care, and give you only the facts.

Communication Phase

From the moment you contact our office, you will detect that everyone knows his or her role. We all greet you kindly, with our front-desk team answering any questions you have. You are then introduced to the team and the process for your appointment is explained.

Exam Phase

Your dental hygienist, Lucy, will sit down with you to discuss any immediate concerns and if there is a particular issue we need to address. She will then assist with you x-rays and start the exam process.

Treatment Phase

Your dentist, either Dr. Miguel Estrella or Dr. Jaime Estrella, will complete the exam phase and discuss our findings. On the screen in front of you, you will see images of your mouth and x-rays. Everything is then explained to you and your proposed treatment plan discussed. This includes financial plans, making sure you thoroughly understand the diagnosis, solution options, and timeframe.

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