Snap On Dentures

What Are “Snap On” Dentures?

Snap On implant dentures are also called implant overdentures because the mechanism to connect the denture to the implants is a male-female, snap assembly. This makes these implant dentures removable. This “snap assembly” provides stability and retention – preventing your dentures from sliding in your mouth and moving away from your gums.

When all of your teeth need to be replaced, the implant overdenture can be the best return on investment for your smile.

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Are Removable Implant Overdentures Right For You?

Patients who need dentures often worry about their prosthetic teeth slipping, becoming loose, or falling out while performing everyday activities like speaking and eating. There are many denture adhesives and creams on the market today to help secure these dental prosthetics to your mouth, but most fall short in providing a confident grip that lasts throughout the day. Implant overdentures can solve the problem of slipping dentures permanently!

All on 4 fixed implant dentures have become very popular, which is why most people haven’t heard of this “snap on” dentures option. 

Overdentures like this are removable and larger than All on 4 fixed implant dentures but they do have many positive benefits.

  • Lower cost than All on 4 dentures (as much as half the cost!)
  • Because the prostheses can be removed, cleaning your dentures takes much less effort and time
  • For patients with severe bone loss, implant overdentures can provide additional facial support.

How Do Implant Overdentures Work?

If you are an ideal candidate for implant overdentures, you will participate in the following multi-step treatment process:

  1. Dental implants will be placed into your jaw and left to adhere to the jaw bone for about 2 months. This healing process allows the bone to incorporate the implants at a cellular level.
  2. A customized set of overdentures will be created for you to comfortably fit your mouth and replicate the shape and color of a natural set of teeth.
  3. The overdentures will be attached to the implants using “snaps” for a secure, non-slip fit and worry-free teeth!

Am I A Good Candidate for Implant Overdentures?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for this treatment is to schedule a consultation with Drs. Estrella at our San Diego or Chula Vista dental office. Using advanced imaging and diagnostics, we will thoroughly examine your individual condition and help you determine whether implant overdentures can provide optimal results for you. We will also discuss what you can expect throughout your treatment process, how to prepare, and any necessary aftercare information that may apply. 

In general, anyone missing or soon-to-be missing their teeth are potential candidates for implant overdentures. Because we have implant sizes ranging from 3 mm to 6.0 mm in diameter and 6.5 mm to 17.0 mm in length, almost no one is disqualified for implant overdenture treatment.

How Much Do Implant Overdentures Cost?

The cost of “snap on” dentures can vary due to:

  • Where you choose to have your dental implant procedure completed
  • The quality of your doctor’s training
  • The type of dental implant used
  • Whether you need bone grafting to prepare your mouth for dental implant placement

At Estrella dental, we usually estimate the cost of implant overdentures to range between $9,500 – $20,000 using two or four implants.

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