Full Mouth Dental Implants

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

This type of dental implants are also referred to as Full Arch Implants, Hybridge®, or All on 4®4. This type of full mouth dental implants are fixed and are not removable. If you would otherwise need a full set of removable dentures, you could be an ideal candidate for full mouth fixed implant dentures. 

This type of permanent tooth replacement has become the most popular option worldwide for patients missing all of their teeth. The full mouth fixed dentures are supported by 4,5,6 or 8 implants depending on your oral health and structure of your mouth. These kind of non-removable dentures are commonly known as full arch implant fixed dentures.

There are multiple reasons why someone loses their teeth, including gum disease and other dental complications. Prior to the invention of dental implants, traditional removable dentures relied on a tiny bit of suction to stay in position. For those patients who required more retention, the only option was to use messy special adhesives or creams. 

However, no matter which method was used movement and shifting often resulted in disappointment and pain for denture-wearers. Thanks to dental implants, Drs. Estrella can attach zirconium or titanium prosthetic dentures to your dental implants, completely restoring your smile’s function and aesthetics comfortably.

Tired of struggling with slipping, uncomfortable removable dentures? Contact Estrella Dental today to schedule a dental implant consultation and find out how fixed implant dentures can help restore your confidence in your smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Full Arch Fixed Implant Dentures?

  • The ability to talk, chew, and bite with full functionality
  • Fixed implant dentures are much closer in contour and feel to natural teeth than removable dentures
  • You can enjoy a full set of teeth more naturally without self-consciousness or anxiety about them shifting or falling out
  • Full arch fixed implant dentures are permanent, they are secured by dental implants and provide a permanent solution to tooth loss

What is the Process To Get Fixed Implant Dentures?

Cutting edge dental implant technology and our decades of experience allow most of our patients to get their implants and teeth all in one appointment. For most patients it just takes a few hours to remove any existing teeth, place the dental implants and affix temporary teeth. 

We love seeing the joy on our patient’s faces when they look in the mirror and see their new perfect smile for the first time!

All dental implants require a month or so of healing to be ready for the permanent zirconium or titanium teeth to be fabricated. The temporary prosthetic teeth will provide us with a road map for creating your permanent fixed implant dentures. By comparing what we like and don’t like about the temporary teeth, we fine-tune the permanent teeth to meet your highest expectations.

How Much Do Fixed Implant Dentures Cost?

The cost of fixed implant dentures can vary due to:

  • Where you choose to have your dental implant procedure completed
  • The quality of your doctor’s training
  • The type of dental implant used
  • Whether you need bone grafting to prepare your mouth for dental implant placement

At Estrella dental, we usually estimate the cost of fixed implant dentures to be between $20,000 – $35,000.

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