New Year’s Resolutions typically involve health — going to the gym five times a week, cooking for the family instead of going out to eat, or losing 10 pounds.

But, have you ever considered dental health as part of the New Year’s resolution equation?

This year, we challenge you to make a resolution related to dental health. After all, good oral health is a way to encourage and maintain holistic health!

Here are some ideas from our general dentist office in San Diego to make this year the freshest, brightest one yet.

Drink Water Instead Of Wine

If you’re an adult who tends to go for the vino after a long day of work, perhaps this is the year to change that habit. Not only has recent research suggested that alcohol’s negative factors far outweigh any benefits, but it also shows a correlation between alcohol and poor dental hygiene.

When our body breaks down alcohol, it becomes nothing more than sugar. A glass of wine is to an adult’s oral health as a sugary lollipop is to children’s — pretty bad.

This year, swap wine for water. Make it a goal to only drink water on weeknights. Or, if you have a pretty entrenched habit of drinking during the week, at least resolve to alternate wine nights with water nights. Another option is to always drink a glass of water after consuming any alcoholic beverage.

Water encourages our mouths to produce more saliva, thus more effectively breaking down harmful sugar particles. So, drinking water isn’t just about hydration. It’s also about promoting good dental health.

Brush For Two Minutes, Morning And Night

As adults, it’s not usually a matter of whether we brush our teeth in the morning and at night — it’s a matter of whether we brush thoroughly and correctly.

If you tend to do a perfunctory job brushing your teeth, make it your resolution to follow the two-minute rule. Brushing your teeth for at least two minutes is the best way to avoid those trips to the local dentist for cavity fillings.

To make following this rule easier, set a timer for two minutes. Or, listen to your favorite two-ish-minute-long song to make the process go much faster.

Floss, Floss, Floss

There’s a strange rumor floating around that dentist no longer recommend flossing. This is akin to saying that cardiologists no longer recommend exercise, teachers no longer recommend reading, and parents no longer recommend bedtime. It’s crazy!

Flossing is still one of the best (and only) ways to remove harmful plaque and food debris that corrodes your teeth and gums. Floss daily, in the morning or at night. Your oral health and your local dentist will commend you.

About Estrella Dental in San Diego

At our dental office in San Diego, we’re committed to supporting and educating our community. Make it your New Year’s resolution to establish a better oral health care routine, and let us help you in the process.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile or you’re looking for a new dentist in San Diego, contact Estrella Dental today. We’re excited to speak with you and set you up for a great year.

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