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Miguel Estrella, DDS

Miguel Estrella DDS, graduated with honors from his dental school and was accepted to the prestigious Loma Linda University Advanced Education in Implant Dentistry three-year, full-time residency program.

After his training in advanced implant dentistry techniques, he was recommended by the Dean of Advanced Education to be a faculty professor in the restorative dentistry department. Dr. Estrella has lectured several times for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, including at the 50th International Congress.

Dr. Estrella is highly respected in the field of implant dentistry and committed to excellence. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and continuously seeks to offer better solutions for the problems his dental patients face.

Along with having healthy hands and eyes and a sharp mind, Dr. Estrella compassionately understands the suffering oral problems cause for his patients. He believes in treating patients, not just their symptoms.

Jaime Estrella, DDS

Jaime Estrella, DDS graduated from the Advanced Prosthodontics ADA-recognized specialty program at Loma Linda University and continued to teach restorative dentistry to undergraduate students. He also served as a Clinical Instructor in the International Dentistry Program at Loma Linda University while maintaining a private practice and developing Estrella Dental Group.

In addition to conventional restorative dental procedures, his particular focus includes implant prosthodontics, periodontally compromised patients, difficult denture cases, and reconstructive dentistry with an emphasis on aesthetics.

Besides being a great clinician, Dr. Estrella has a true heart of understanding for the challenges his patients face when suffering dental problems.


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